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    Unanswered: Input mask for password set - what can I add to then show the password when selected

    Hi there,

    I'm creating an access database to keep all our PDA's in check.

    However, we have password for the users stored in their own 'contact details' form. I have set an input mask to hide the password, however is there any way I can change it when its highlighted to actually show the password, or a button or something along those lines?

    only IT needs to be able to see the password and they're the only ones who has access to the database but there are other people in the office area who might be able to see = the input mask.

    I'm currently using access 2010

    Any help would be brilliant

    Many thanks
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    you could set the form to look at the username that is signed on to the computer, set access levels per user, and on the form load event set the input mask or not there, depending on access level.

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