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    Unanswered: RechText box in Access2003

    Dear all
    I need a help for the following issue:-
    I have a database with table name is "tbldaily" and many fields as example "Work description",
    I designed a form "frmdaily" related to this table and used the RechText box to allow user write and hange the text formatting.
    I did the code to change the text format like Font, bold, .....etc and should this data recorded in the table daily in the field "work description"
    I designed report "Rptdaily".
    The problem now when I make print this report I did not get any thing from this data into the RechText box on the report "Rptdaily"
    Also, If I checked the data inside the table I find the words are different characters.
    Can any one help me to allow print the report with the same words and formats?
    Note, The report contain also many txt box related to this table.

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    It appears that your question is about Microsoft Access instead of Brilliant. I'm moving the posting from Brilliant Database - dBforums to Microsoft Access - dBforums

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Thanks Mr. Pat

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