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    Unanswered: I am facing problem DB2 regarding check pending status.

    I am not much good in DB2 and facing much problem.

    I want to load data in table for that i am
    1. droping the constraints.
    2. loading the data.
    3. recreating constraints.

    but the tables enter in check pending i want to remove it.

    i am working in .NET and want to execute the qwery through code.

    I want to execute repair statement in db2 for changing check pending status but to execute it i need to use DSNUTILS/DSNUTILT.

    how to connect or call DSNUTILS/DSNUTILT through DB2 and what should be the qwery to remove the check pending status.

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    because of "DSN" we can guess it is a Z/db2
    always specify the platform and version to avoid wrong answers...
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    How about starting at the beginning? You're dropping the Constraints. Why? #2 states that you're loading the data. Are you really running the DB2 Load Utility? Or are you running INSERT statements?

    Next, let's talk about the REPAIR. REPAIR is a DB2 Utility, not a statement. I question the wisdom of running a REPAIR utility to reset the CHECKPENDING status. REPAIR will do this whether or not there are any violations. Is that really a wise choice?

    From the REPAIR Utility chapter in the DB2 Utility Guide and Reference:
    Verifying and possibly correcting referential integrity constraints by running CHECK DATA are recommended. CHECK DATA performs a complete check of all referential integrity constraints of the table space set, whereas with REPAIR, you are responsible for checking all the referential integrity constraints violations
    DB2 sets the statuses for a reason. You better be 100% certain that you know what you're doing before you reset them, and then be prepared to live with the risks and consequences.

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