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    Question Unanswered: file review database structure


    Iím developing a file review database that I have been basing off of the At Your Survey database that is commonly referred to when dealing with survey databases. This project is more advanced than anything Iíve done so far. I usually learn as I go but I want to make sure this is done right, as itís a large project.

    Iím looking for some feedback on my table design. I've posted a screenshot of my table structure.

    What I have is a table for Adjusters (employees) joined with the ClaimNum table with a junction table (tblAdjClaimJunc), as there can be multiple adjusters per claim and multiple claims per adjuster. I also have some lookup tables for Manager, job title, Unit, and Office.

    Then I have the Questions table. Each question is a Yes/No or Yes/No/NA on some questions. Each question can have a sub-question with a combo box to select additional details about the main question. I have a QstnNum field for the main questions and then SubQstnNum (actually a letter) for the sub questions, then Category and Phase.

    The categories are basically separate surveys, but there will be multiple categories per claim file. Then each Category is broken up into multiple Phases with several questions per phase.

    There also needs to be a comment section for each phase, but I havenít figured out where to put that yet.

    The tblResponses holds the possible responses to each question.
    In the end the counts of Yes, No, and NA scores will be counted and divided by the total responses to get a score for the overall file and for each phase. Iíll also need the scores to roll up into unit, supervisor and office totals.

    Right now Iím not sure how to set up my Results table, which will hold the actual responses to each question. I think I need to have the following information:

    But Iím not sure how to set up the relationships from my other tables to the Results table?

    What problems do you see with the tables?

    Also, what would be the best way to set whether a question can be answered with Yes/No or Yes/No/NA?

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