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    Unanswered: Complete beginner trying to create (hopefully) simple query/form.

    To start with, I know next to nothing about Access 2007 and I am trying to stumble my way through this. So of course, thanks for any and all help!

    My employer has a list of 160 products and I need to make sure have the correct information on their respective labels. The company sells over 1,000 products to over a hundred companies, so I have a lot of information to sift through, and my current pen & paper method takes a bit of time.

    I have a two possible goals in mind which I have separated by the difficulty I assume it would take to achieve each goal.

    I have the list of products in an Excel file and I want to try and make a simple form in Access that allows me to punch in the 4 digit product number and it tells me whether or not that product is on this list. This is the most basic thing I would like to achieve.

    If that doesn't take too much time, I would like to try and take it a step further. In the same Excel workbook on a different page, I have a list that contains information on the labels that have been corrected and for which company (that info is separated by several columns; Customer Number, Customer Name, Size of Label, & Date the label was updated). If I can, I would like some of that information to populate on the Access form if the particular product number is on a list. That way, everything that I may need to know is on one screen as opposed to being spread out over several workbooks. None of the results need to be saved or anything, it's just for me to take a glance at and move on to the next product.

    If any of you guys or gals can direct me towards a tutorial or something along those lines that will help me make some of this work, I would really appreciate it as well as any advice on if what I want to do is feasible/worthwhile for someone with my lack skill to attempt.

    Thanks again!


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    The first task is easy. Assuming that you can get the product information into an Access table, you can create a form with a combo box (drop-down box) that uses the product code as its row source. Set the limit to list property to True, and then you will be able to start typing the code, and the combo box will either type ahead or give you an error.

    To achieve the second task, you will need rather more tables (customers, labels and at least one intersection table that shows how they link together). It's a bit of work to establish, but it should make things easier for you over time.
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    Thanks for the help! I was able to get the first phase done with what you suggested as well as the second one to a point using the same method. It's not perfect, but it was quick and seems to work well enough.

    Thanks again!

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