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    How did you end up in the database field?

    Hi all,

    I am currently a student pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems. I am interested in the field of database administration. From my understanding, a lot of people have sort of just evolved into those roles from other IT jobs. So my question to you is, How did you get into the field of working with databases? Where did you first start?

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    It was the late nineties and I had a lot of college debt and a freshly minted political science degree that helped me get another line cooking job right after school. I used to listen to the Howard Stern show in the morning at the time and during every commercial break there were commercials promising $100K plus a year jobs in the NOVA-DC-MD area. So I just started reading and tinkering, and I financed a computer, and then I finally fooled someone inot givining me an entry level programming job. The DBA at the shop was a pregnant diabetic. She went on bed rest and suddenly her job was mine, and when she came back, she never really got it back. We made her into a business analyst or something.
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    Was hired by a division of AT&T to perform statistical analysis of data, and quickly realized that this division had no actual data to analyze. So I got a copy of MS Access and created what I would later learn is called a data warehouse.
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    Graduated from college with my BSCIS in 1986 and began mainframe database programming for a large insurance company. Switched over to client/server database programming in 1996 when I worked for Intel. Still enjoy my chosen profession after 28.5 years.

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    Had my first co-op work term as a DBA trainee. Liked it and continued on the same path. Became a DBA instead of a programmer after graduating from college.

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    When database systems began gaining popularity (in my case the late 60's), the developers also performed the admin functions. Later, database administration became a separate, full-time position, not just part of the "regular job".

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