I am a developer of new programming language platform for relational databases. Its technology enables preventing database schema updates as objects are added in process of application growth and may find use in a range of database applications.

- Programming logic is updated in a database without altering its schema
- Application table structures are updated in a database without altering its schema
- Interpreter resides inside a database, no application software installation
- Hierarchical tree structures are saved in a relational database and accessible by path
- Enables updates of programming logic and data schema with DML SQL statements
- Supports flow controls including variables, conditional, loops, function calls with in-out parameters
- Does not store "null" values in database instead uses pointers

The platform consists of a set of functions and a database table schema. The schema is implemented with EAV that accommodates collections of attribute metadata descriptors. Thus the schema makes no assumptions of application programming logic or table structure. It may be used in new applications in particular with changing or unpredictable schema as well as in existing databases to generate interfaces, forms, reports, etc. More..