I am having trouble with this finding a way to divide demand for a product equally over the model offering. My issue is that I get data set from one department that lists the Product Name Number and Model Number i.e.:

Pro# ModelNum Name Demand
1234 1234.001 Name 1.0 ?
1234 1234.002 Name 1.1 ?
1234 1234.003 Name 1.2 ?
4567 4567.001 Name 2.0 ?
4567 4567.001 Name 2.1 ?

In a separate file I receive total demand by Product Number i.e.:

Prod Demand
1234 10000
4567 15000

What I want to do is run a update query that take the demand report and updates the demand in the database by Model (i.e. divde demand for Product by number of model).

Thank you in advance for your help.

- Kohl