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    Unanswered: linking files to table

    i have a form in which i type the batchnumber ( field name ) like 1005003, 1005010 and its stored in a table named tblbatchnumber

    i have a folder which has pdf or xls files of that name like
    ex : 1005003.xls or
    ex : 1005010.pdf

    how to link the file in folder to the batchnumber field so that when ever a new file is added in the folder the file name is stored as a new record in table & in the form if i click the batch number the xls or pdf file should open

    pls help as it will save lot of time all who use it

    i have tried hyperlink its not working & i have checked other different database i displays the complete path of file name

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    you have to write some code to scan the Folder and check if the batchnumber is in the database

    here is code i use

    Function Clear_Photos()
    Dim aa
    aa = GenerateAllFolderInformation("D:\~WWW\Sites\\Big")
    aa = GenerateAllFolderInformation("D:\~WWW\Sites\\thumbnails")
    End Function
    Function GenerateAllFolderInformation(FolderName)
       Dim FSO
       Dim Files
       Dim File
       Dim Folder
       Dim Checkit
       Dim CheckName
          'MsgBox "Go Have a smoko"
       Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
       Set Folder = FSO.GetFolder(FolderName)   
       Set Files = Folder.Files
         aa = 0
         For Each File In Files
        aa = aa + 1
         CheckName = Mid$(File.Name, 1, InStr(File.Name, ".") - 1)
         Checkit = DCount("*", "Prod", "[TYPE] ='" & CheckName & "'") + DCount("*", "Prod", "[Other Images] Like '*" & CheckName & "*'")
            If Checkit = 0 And CheckName <> "" And CheckName <> "Thumbs" Then 'filename not in dataBase
         ' you put you code in here to added to database
            FileCopy File, FolderName & "\Not Used\" & File.Name
            Kill File
            End If
     'MsgBox "Have Finish Moving The Photos to" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & "p:\photod\not used\"
    End Function
    i have a database that start at midnite and run the Clear_Photos function

    you need to change the Dcount to match your needs
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    thanks myle i will get back if any doubts

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    thanks for myle for the reply

    sorry to trouble myle

    iam still a very bad access programer ( i think a user )

    i dont know were this code has to be put is it in the ( form ) as i have not put the listbox also to show the name of file if you could ps tell me where & how i put the code i will do pls guide me

    sorry to ask this

    if possible if you can attach a database of that sort i shall make my database as that & will also learn.. or else i will attach my database pls suggest

    pls help i will put my effort to get it..

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