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    Question Unanswered: Database Corruption?

    I know "Corruption" and "Access" sometimes go hand in hand, but I have a very strange issue happening that I'd like some advice on.

    First off, I'm running Access 2003 on a Windows 8 Box. But know that this problem occurred first on an XP box that I got frustrated with and decided to update my computer hoping to resolve the problem.

    The MDB is located on a Windows 2008 Server HyperV

    Ok, now for the problem.

    It seems to regularly (daily) happen after I've been into the modules making code changes. Saving regularly throughout.

    After closing the MDB, and attempting to relaunch, I'm getting either a "Access has stopped working", or "There was a problem sending the command to the program".

    I can hold the SHIFT key down to bypass the startup form, and the MDB will open into the DB window fine, and I can then launch manually the startup form and everything appears to work fine.

    What is happening? I am not touching the startup form (which calls various routines to check reference registrations, and DSN connections). But that can't be an issue, but they continue to run correctly if launched manually after startup?

    Any ideas?

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    Update to this issue

    My "startup" form in Access is called "Start-Up". If I change the startup to "none", the MDB opens fine. If I open the startup form manually, it opens fine. If I open the startup form and modify the VB code in any way, including just adding a blank line, save it, add it back to the Startup procedures, the darn thing opens JUST FINE!!!??

    So, this is leading me to believe there is a Visual Basic Editor issue / compiler issue??

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    hes and idea

    what about creating a new MDB file then IMPORT/link everything into the new one
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Yes, that does work but my concern is more that this happens daily. There must be a root cause of this.

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