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    Unanswered: SCCM 2012 SQL Server Authentication Mode

    Good day,

    Can someone please help me or direct me.

    On the SCCM 2012 requirements page for SQL Server Requirements it says the following:
    Windows Authentication Configuration Manager requires Windows authentication to validate connections to the database.

    Unfortunately I don't have full access to this server so can't change the permissions but surely this does not mean that Mixed Mode is not allowed, after all Mixed mode allows both Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication.

    Please can I have some input into this?

    Thank you.

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    You can use sql in mixed mode, the sccm installer will give you a warning. However, I would recommend you install the sccm db on its own Sql box and use that as your reporting point also. Sccm needs local admin access to sql box,I believe.

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    It means that the machine running SCCM has to be able to use Windows Authentication to connect to the SQL Server. SCCM can not use SQL Authentication, but it doesn't care what other tools use to authenticate.

    Pure FWIW, but I would only use SCCM with a SQL Server that was tightly secured. For data as sensitive as SCCM handles, I would not choose a shared SQL Server that had other databases or SQL Authentication on it.

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