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    Unanswered: Can we use REF in nested table

    I tried to do the folowing. it came up with an error message.

    create type person_ty as object(
    name varchar2(20),
    sname varchar2(20),
    dob date);

    create table person_objtbl of person_ty

    I inserted some value in person_objtbl

    create or replace type nest_person3 as table of ref person_ty

    CREATE TABLE customer13
    ( customer_id CHAR(10),
    customer3 nest_person3 )
    NESTED TABLE customer3 STORE AS customer_nest_store2

    It works fine upto here but while making a nested table as follows

    INSERT INTO customer13 SELECT
    '1001', nest_person3(ref (p)from person_tbl p WHERE p.first_name = 'fred'

    or also tried

    INSERT INTO customer13 SELECT
    '1001',ref (p)from person_tbl p WHERE p.first_name = 'fred'

    please help .. the last error I get is missing right parenthesis ..

    thank you

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    other than adding confusion, complication & frustration what is advantage of TYPE datatype?
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