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    Unanswered: uncommitted select statement

    DB2 V9.5 FP5 : Single partitioned environment

    Our diaglog complained that one the transaction was using more log space.
    This is what the message said. "Active log is held by application handle 6783".

    When I took a snapshot of that application it showed a select statement.

    Select * from table

    The application's idle time was more than a day.

    Does a select statement consume transaction logs ? Could this situation happen because that select statement was not committed ? Does an uncommitted select statement use transaction logs at all? I am kind of confused. Can someone help me clariy ?

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    No, queries do not write to the transaction log. Apparently, there was an update executed in the same unit of work before the SELECT that you saw in the snapshot.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Could you plz provide the output of " get snapshot for applications agentid 6783"?
    Maybe the transaction is waiting for committing.

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    Even though no data is written to the logs during a select, you want to make sure that a commit is issued (implicitly or explicitly) in order to release the share locks on the table or row (or page if z/OS).
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