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    Db, smb, needing job tracking/po tracking etc

    Small UK company looking for someone to set up and maintain a db that requires but not limited to:

    - We need to be able to log on to a system and look up a 'job' out of a comprehensive database.
    - A ‘job page’ needs to have all relevant information for a particular 'job' stored:
    o Name
    o Location
    o Store Number
    o Store Group
    o Store Contact Details
    o VM/SEE details
    o Plans and As Built Drawings
    o Photos
    o O&M – to include list of materials/components used with specifications and suppliers – contact details of suppliers – possible link to a materials library?!
    o Date of last installation
    o Details of last installation – not always a full refit
    o Shopfitter
    o Date of next refit
    o Warranty expiration
    o Store specific requirements for maintenance e.g. hours of work, contact details, booking in forms.

    - On this ‘job page’ we also need to be able to view the history of all maintenance completed on the counter:
    o What work has been completed – a detailed note of all works completed - any follow up visits that are required.
    o Link to a page showing the store sign off – signature of staff.
    o Who requested the work – staff, brand etc
    o When the work was completed
    o How much the work cost including a detailed breakdown of cost - possibly in relation to the counter build cost
    o Photos of maintenance completed.

    - The job page needs to be programmed with upcoming refit dates and warranty dates – when a maintenance request is received for a particular job it needs to be very clear if that is due maintenance or if the warranty is still valid – maybe by colour coding e.g a red page signifies that the counter is refitting soon or some sort of warning.

    - there are more tasks to add, this is fairly complex and I would imagine there is someone here who would suit the job at hand.

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    Cool Task at hand

    Can this be done remotely?
    All I'll need is the right equipment.

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    Almost forgot

    My resume

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