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Job Description:

Position: Business/Data Analyst

Location: Agoura Hills CA

Client: Bank of America

Required skills:

· Strong Business/Data Analyst with Mortgage Loan level knowledge and understanding of mortgage processes 3+ years;

· Solid Business Analyst/ System Analyst experience and good documentation skills, 4+ years.

Preferred skills:

· Business/ Data Analyst (Mortgage - 4+ years’ experience)

· Identify alternatives for optimizing computer resources; ability to investigate and analyze information and to draw conclusions; ability to plan, coordinate implementation, test, and troubleshoot system software Collect information to analyze and evaluate existing or proposed systems and present solution options, 3+ years.

Please answer below questions:

PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON THE FIRST PAGE OF THE RESUME. Failure to include will cause the candidate to be rejected.

1) Describe your last role as a Systems/Business/Data Analyst and how you contributed to its success?

2) Describe a challenge you faced and how you resolved it?

3) Describe a project where you have enabled the business sponsor to visualize the application functionality thru your system design concept, based upon the business requirement.