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    ER Diagram

    Hello my friends,i need ER diagram(peter chen) for this scenario.

    Design an Entity-Relationship diagram for the flight reservation and ticketing system. In this diagram, you should represent the concept of a person consisting of a unique social security number (SSNo), first name and last name. There are many types of people; two of them are customers and ticket agents. A customer has credit card number (CCNo), credit card type (CCType), and its expiration date. A ticket agent has unique agent no and commission. Each flight has a unique flight number, a source city, a destination city, a date, departure time and arrival time. A route is associated with at least one flight, and possibly several. Each flight may be associated with any number of routes, including none. Keep unique route number for each route. A ticket is assigned by a ticket agent to a customer for a particular flight route. In effect, the ticket binds the agent, the route and the customer together in a unique relationship. Each ticket is associated with exactly one customer, one ticket and one route. Tickets have information regarding the price. The association between routes and flights includes information about the seat assignment. A seat must be assigned only once for a particular flight.
    Each flight has an assigned plane. A plane has a unique plane id, type and year bought. There are only two types of staff members who work for the company. The staff has a unique SSNo and personal information such as name (first and last), address, phone and so on. The staff may be from either ground crew or flight crew. The ground crew includes officers who have a salary and technicians who have a wage. Technicians can sometimes be involved in the repairs that are made to a plane, in which case they are paid an extra commission. The flight crew includes pilots and hostesses. For each flight, only one pilot is assigned.
    Note that the ticket agents can be customers, but hostesses can not be pilots.

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