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    Unanswered: db2 update sql with like predicate

    Hi All,

    I have a update sequel with a like predicate that is updating 20 million records in prod. I have been asked to rewrite the sequel one update at a time removing the like predicate. Is there a more efficient way of doing it ?

    db2level= DB2 v9.5.0.8

    below is the sequel

    update solid set tint = 0 where serialnolike '%-ss27c3-%';
    update solidno set published = 0 where solid_ID in (select solid_id from solid where serialno like '%-ss27c3-%');

    Help will be much appreciated, this is going into production on 7th of this month



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    You can use Locate(...) instead of Like.
    Can you explain why they don't want Like ?


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    i have two questions:
    1)what is the difference between the table solid and table solidno?
    2) why the update columns is different ? ( sql1 is tint and sql2 is published )

    if solidno is the same as solid , then
    1) if solid_id is not unique , these two sql are not the same.
    for example:
    solid serialno
    1 A-ss27c3-B
    1 A-xxx-B
    sql1 will only update the first row
    and sql2 will update these two rows.
    2) if solid_id is unqiue, the optimizer will rewrite sql2 to sql1, so there is
    no diffrence between them.

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    the problem is the % in first position - the optimizer does not like this..
    as it is difficult to define the range...
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    thanks for all the help guys..I had them remove the first percentile and they ran it last night itself in production. It ran in less than 1 minute

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