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    Unanswered: + sybase : connection lost during query


    i got problem with connection to sybase has lost during query or in some time.


    connection string :

    Dim sConnString = "Data Source='" & dsn & "';Port='" & port & "';UID='" & user & "';PWD='" & pwd & "';Database='" & db & "';Connection Timeout=60"

    gajiconnado = New AseConnection(sConnString)

    in this server i have 3 database,using this same connection to another db is ok but only to this db have problem.before this..connection ok for all 3 db.but after return error "connection to sybase has lost".

    i don't think it because connection coding but maybe it related to db configuration.

    what must i do? can somebody help.

    thanks in advance
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