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    Unanswered: Way to update Access database file on multiple computers


    I encountered what seemed like a simple issue, yet turned out unexpectedly difficult, maybe somebody could advise... I would be very grateful.

    CONCEPT: I would like to be able to distribute an updated copy of Access file (that serves as a front-end to an SQL server, has numerous forms and a lot of VBA) automatically. I can already trigger the update and download the new file to the location of the user's old file. When the download process finishes, I would like the new file to be automatically opened, while the old one get automatically closed AND deleted (yes, that's where it got tricky), so the user doesn't have to do anything except for wait while the file downloads and opens.

    PROBLEM: I can't seem to be able to open a new instance of Access that will "survive" closing of the old one, they are bound somehow... which is also why I'm unable to delete the old file. I would also like to avoid using the Shell command (I know, that would work nicely, but not an option here).

    I think I tried every solution I could think of (CreateObject, dim as new access.application), I even tried to pass the old instance of Access to the procedure in the new one as a parameter and close it "from there", but it didn't help either, the old instance was still running after application.quit, docmd.quit etc, etc. (Permission denied).

    Maybe I am overcomplicating things and the whole concept of file-update is just wrong from the beginning while there is a simplier solution.

    OS: Win7
    Office ver.: 2010
    Number of users: 10

    Thanks for any hint!

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    check the code bank on this forum, it has some code examples on how to distribute a new front end
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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem View Post
    check the code bank on this forum, it has some code examples on how to distribute a new front end
    Will do, thanks for a reply!

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