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    Unanswered: Only show report labels if field in separate form is null?

    I want to run a report that is based on a query that is based on a form where the user enters the parameters. Basically, I want to search for people who graduated in a specific year or in a year range. You either enter a beginning year and end year in the form or a single year in another field on the form. Once you click search, the results appear in a subform on the same search form. I also want to add a print report button to the form that automatically prints a report. I have a label on the report that says from (year) to (year) where it pulls the years from the form. However, I want these text boxes to disappear if null and then show another text box (which would be the single year text box). How should I do this in access?

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    You could try conditional formatting to reformat the controls so that they're only visible if they're not null.
    Alternatively, use the record's Current event to control their visibility.
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