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    Unanswered: Relational field help

    Hi guys i wanted some help with a relational field. I am sending my actual database for you to see what i am referring to.

    On the sheet "BILLING DATA", I would have prefer if i could get a relational field similar to the one Macheus demonstrated for another member where i could -

    (a) Add a charge. When the charge (RMBRS. FEES) is added have a field to now enter the charge amount with a check box to the side of this amount and then a RMBRS Vat amount field and DED Vat amount field. Then another check box to select with the label 'PAID BY ESL' and another check box with the label 'PAID BY CLIENT' similar to what you see in my database but only one can be selected per charge. All this must go across on one line per charge. Then after charges are added have a button to press to apply the charge amounts with the check box selected next to it only that will total on the 'INVOICE SHEET' in the field [RMBRSSUBTOT] with the label RMBRS. SUBTOT. The RMBRS Vat figures will total in the TOT. RMBRS. Vat field [TOTRMBRSVAT] and the DED Vat figures will total in the TOT DED Vat field [TOTDEDVAT]. Some charges that are added may not have to be applied to the bill but will need to be shown as a charge existent for the job.

    (b) I will like to now create an invoice in reports that will show just the RMBRS. FEES charges that were applied to the bill. That means just the name of the charge and the figure. I DONT WANT individual RMBRS. Vat and DED Vat fields to show.

    I guess i could learn how to make these items show on a report if you could demonstrate.

    If you can solve this then i'd be most appreciative, if not i will use what i have created. Thanks buddy!
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    I'm not sure I understand what your trying to do. Why do you need a relation field at all to display the total?

    You have a text field on your billing page for example which has no title. If this is supposed to display the total, then you either need to add a button that runs a formula, or remove the text field and replace it with a formula field which will update itself automatically when you change the content in other fields which are part of the formula.


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    I was attempting to replace the structure i set up entirely actually. Meaning replace what i have there on the Billing Data sheet with a relational field to add charges so only charges for that job would show and not all the charges as i have it laid out.

    If you look at the similar to this zip file(jobs folder) i attached you will understand what i would prefer to have done. whereby there is a button to add etc.

    Hope that clarifies my objective. Also the blank text box was for charges that are not often used but ignore those.

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