Hi Every one: First time in this forum. I developed a .Net application that I run on a PDA Handheld. When I try to connect to a System.Data.SqlServerCE, I use this connection string:

Dim connection As New SAConnection
Dim connectionString As String = String.Format("UID={0};PWD={1};DBF={2", userId, password, Caseman_db_file)
connection = New SAConnection(connectionString)
---everything works fine Except that when connected it opens up a Sybase window that shows:
Different status like Running Windows CE, 600 K memeory, Database sevrevr stopped etc.
Ques: How can I hide this Sybase window on my PDA when I connect to this iSQL. This DB file is on my PDA. What connection parameter do I need to hide this screen. I would prefer to add another paramter that would hide this screen. I built my code, deploy it on the PDA and then on the PDA I am running my application that connect to the Sybase DB(On my PDA).