So, let me start by saying I'm new to forums, not too new to Acces, but definetly the forums.

Any assistance is appreciated:

Tables "Spot Inspections": 1, so far

Form "SSID": A Splash Screen for users to view prior to entering the DB

Qry "ClosedvsOpenRACqry": A query with 3 fields - TotalOpen (a Sum field based on a table, Yes/No Boxes), TotalClosed (also a Sum field based on a field in the table, Yes/No Boxes), and the last one TotalReports: ID (A Count field based on the number of entries in the Table, based on the ID field).

What I am looking to do is simple really, just to dynamic for this ol' guy.

I would like to have the results of the Qry placed on the splash screen when it opens so that users could quickly view the data.

Appreciate any assistance.