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    Unanswered: Newbie help with Access Sheets

    Hey guys, this post may be a bit outrageous considering it is best practice to do your homework and research, but I am in a bit of a bind and I would like to aquire a few hints into which topics I should look at.
    Time is of the essence.

    I am a bit familiar with SQL, relational databases and I would know how to implement what I want to do in, say, PHP.

    Trouble is, now I have to do it in Access.

    I have a relational db with around 12 tables of which one is the "master". I also have some submaster tables to which there are two or three tables associated by ID.

    I would like the user to be able to enter an ID and gain a datasheet with all associated entries from pretty much all tables.
    That means I have to be able to display several queries in one sheet and additionally query dynamically (the primary ID of the master table beeing variable for each sheet).
    Additionally I need to loop through IDs in one sheet.

    In PHP I would just write loops for each table to display each member with a corresponding ID and put this into a larger loop through all IDs. Cascade this as needed to include all sub "masters" and their members. Done.

    In Access, all I can do is display one query or table. I am completely clueless where to turn. Macros? VBA? Properties?

    I realize this is already a project involving more than a simple answer. I would request that you give me some hints or keywords that I should research to get there as quickly as possible.
    I fear my time might be to short to just grab an Access book and read through it.

    Thank you so much and sorry for the messy post

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    Quote Originally Posted by zwaps View Post
    In Access, all I can do is display one query or table.
    If you want to limit the interface to one single form in datasheet mode (or view), you'll need to find a way to write a query that will combine the data from the different tables.

    In Access, such situations are often handled by creating several subforms related to a main (parent) form.
    Have a nice day!

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