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    Red face Unanswered: Upgrade From 5.01SE to 11.7

    Hello All,

    I am very new to this forum and I am well versed with DB2 and Oracle databases, but not with Informix.

    So please do excuse me if this question has already been answered.

    The problem is one my client wants to upgrade their database's from Informix 5.01se to the latest Informix 11.70 C-innovator version.

    They want to have HDR along with it.

    I have searched IBM redbooks and it seems that there is no direct upgrade path from 5.01se to 11.7 C-Innovator version.

    Wanted to ask the learned folks here for any pointer or any information in regards to that.

    Any help or pointers are much appreciated.



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    Hi Venkat,

    I hope my anwser doesnt shock you, but i think you or your client should contract a Informix professional to do it. There are some good ones, which for them can advice and that wouldn't be a problem

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    Depending on the amount of data I would take a brute force approach...

    * Manually create all the DB spaces in Infx 11.7
    * dump the schema to file using
    - dbschema -d <dbname> -ss ( I assume that command is in Infx 5)
    * Then take the sql file generated and try to create the schema in Infx 11.7 and see what happens.

    If you can create the schema then...
    * Do a dbexport of the data from Infx 5
    * Make whatever modifications to the schema you need
    * The do a dbimport.

    I have done on end of messing around with DB using that approach... of course the down side is potentially loads of down time.

    But I only started using Infx from version 7 so not sure what the differences are... may be there is a hidden major show stopper.... You could have reserved word issues.. eg Sysdate is now a reserved word in Infx 11.7, it was not before.


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    I've gone from Version 2SE to 11.70 IDS (Informix 4GL to Informix 4GL) and (Informix 4GL to Genero 2.40).

    The Database is the easy bit. I do not remember needing to change any data items. So the suggestion of exporting and re-importing is the way to go.
    There are a few catches to consider if you use I4GL from SE to IDS.
    The new I4GL Language is a bit more particular on some of the Gramma in the .per files and returns from functions.
    If your application attempts to reference data by RowID. RowID's do not start at 1 from memory they start at 257 however this bad code should be re-worked to utilse primary keys.
    If you expect to use Database Logging then you may need to add begin and commit's to your code and if you had ugly syslog inserts into systables these need to be removed.
    If you use USER from an SQL query to obtain the actual user this may not have the expected result dependant on the meathod used to connect to the database.

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