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    Looking for help and guidence

    I'm not really new as I've posted here before. I can't tell you how long ago that may have been but probably a year or so ago. I'm also not very profiecient with Access though I add to my databases everyday. I guess I build very crude db's and when I get stuck I come here for help. That's what I'm doing now.
    I have a database that I created 8 years ago or so. I'm collecting some additional data and would like to enter it into my db and be able to create reports with the additional data.
    I have done some of that work but I'm stuck on getting my report to display the information in the format I need.
    I'm not sure where to go on this site or how to ask.
    I know you have rules on how and where to post (I think I violated them before). I want to get it done correctly this time.
    Need some help and guidence.


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    There is a part of the forum for Access.

    Suggest you look there and see if your question has already been discussed. If not there, start a new topic

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