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    Unanswered: I'm a new user for Db2 .I'm taking error on opensuse

    hi everyone.i have a project which requires db2 on opensuse.when i wrote db2start ,i'm taking error on the console.i captured image on the bottom. thank you to helping me.

    img =>>

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    ı'm a new user for db2.I'm taking error DB2start

    hi everyone.i'm taking error while i try to 'db2start' in opensuse.there is a error in the console.
    i captured image;

    thanks to helping me.

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    You're issuing db2start in the wrong place. It's an OS command and should be run from the shell.

    It's also much easer to copy and paste text from the console, rather than bothering with screenshots.
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    It is also better if you post a topic only one time . . .

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    sorry ! i dont know that when i did send first post.i think the error has releated to installing.when i was install to opensuse.First the error was occured.that error is "Your user profile is not available.your user doesnt contain any user,root, .etc groups.So i changed user groups in useraccounts before installing.also the installation didnt ask to that "what's your new user name and whats your new user password".so i completed to next iteration. then success. but as i sad you . i didnt entered any new userprofile and password on the installation. when i tried an other pc .Installation ask to me. thank your very much )
    really i'm trying to solve this problem since 1 week.

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    error :

    DBI1135E The primary group users of user ID papyon is


    The primary group name of the instance user ID:

    1. Cannot be one of "guests", "admins", "users" or "local".
    2. Cannot start with "sql" or "ibm".
    3. Cannot start with a numeral number.
    4. Can contain only lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and the
    underscore character ( _ ).

    User response:

    Ask a user with root privilege to change the primary group of the
    instance user ID to a valid group as described in this message's
    Explanation and then try the command again.

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    the regular procedure as described in doc
    create group (db2iadm1)
    create instance owner (db2inst1 by default) with primary group (db2iadm1)
    create fenced user (db2fenc1)
    install db2 code : db2_install
    create instance : db2icrt -u db2fenc1 db2inst1
    logon to db2inst1
    if not - you did something wrong..
    check diaglog - messages to debug.... or start allover again and follow the doc
    Installation requirements for DB2 servers and IBM data server clients (Linux)
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