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    Unanswered: Help with grouping/counting

    I'm nor sure exactly where my problem lies.
    I've attached a file that shows what I'm trying to solve. In this case I'm trying to solve the grouping or counting of boilers that are hydro tested by a press#.

    For instance, my attachment shows the top "Boiler Model" as AWI. However if you look at the last entry it also shows AWI. Both of these records are attached to "Press#" 71. In this instance I'd like them to be counted together so that there would only be one entry for AWI (Press# 71) and it's "Total Tested" would be 263.

    Another thing I need to show is if AWI (or any other boiler model) was attached to more than one Press#. If, for instance, AWI had 178 Total
    Tested on Press# 71, but also had 82 Total Tested on Press# 56, then I'd want both entries on this report.

    How would I accomplish that. Just for the record, I've been using this db for several years and I track many other things within this db. This particular report has worked exactly as planned in the past but recently I added the Press# to the mix and since then I can't get it to do what I've described above.

    I could use some help.

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    It looks like you're using a simple Select query. In order to do what you want, you should use a query that at least sorts by boiler model and press#. I would use a totals query, but it's not mandatory. In the report (you're better off making a new report with the report wizard, unless you're confident you can change the original with the report design tools), sum on every boiler model, even though you're including different press#.


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