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    Unanswered: Performace review tool in DB2


    I am running DB2 v9.7 on AIX.

    1) I would like to review all SQL statements that are generated by Hibernate and also native SQL statements in my application and check whether there are any non-optimal SQL statements. I understand that data studio, db2explain, db2advisor can help me to get these figures. However, are there any handy tools, open source or IBM tools, that can help me perform this task efficiently, i.e., analyze the sql statements (preferably read my java application), and then produce the execution cost figure, and also cpu time, elaped time (any relevant attributes), etc. in a table (or similar structure) for further analysis?

    2) I would also like to review the healthiness of my DB2 database. Are there any db2 detailed performance report that can be produced so that I can review whether the configurations setting are good enough, e.g., bufferpool?

    Any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.
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