I have a report ("package") which contains 5 subreports within it. It's a financial package; each subreport contains on average 4-7 underlying driver reports which control its data. Across all reports, certain items must equal eachother (like net income for instance). I'm having a slight rounding issue on two of the subreports for Net Income. It's off by a dollar.

To fix this, I attempted to share the net income ("NI") from one report to another subreport. I can get as far as sharing it to the main report and having crystal determine what the variance ("plug") is, but I can't share the plug back to the subreport with the variance. When I state the variable in the subreport, the value is zero. While there's a ton of information on how to share variables from subreport to main, is it even possibly to share variables from subreport to subreport?

If not, does anyone have any recommendations on how to plug this? Aside from taking the driver reports on the report which is working, I'm stumped!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.