I have a report that includes a sub-report. The main report shows a list of transactions made in a quarter and it is grouped by Department. Sometimes a transaction is part of a group that includes many related transactions under the same group ID. However, it is possible that one or many transactions within that group were assigned to a different Department.

The sub-report serves the purpose of listing all of the transactions that are part of a group within a Department and it is embedded bellow the main report regular Department heading. What I am trying to accomplish is to also include in the sub-report the Department name associated to each of the different transactions that are part of the group shown in the sub-report. That part was easy and I have done that. However here it is my challenge.

Most of the time this field will have the same value as the main department heading of the main report, however, as mentioned earlier, there will be times that one of these transactions was linked to another Department. It is then when I would like to only show the field name for that department so it will stand out easily, rather than to bury it with all of the other field names.

In other words, I would like for the department field to appear on the sub-report only if its value is different (does not equal) from the main department heading value of the main report group heading in which the sub-report is embedded.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort in helping me.