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    Unanswered: export data to csv file

    how to create a procedure to read data from plsql database and export it to csv file without using sys_utl and by using dbms_output.put_line();

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    post URL that documents "plsql database" because I don't know what that is.
    PL/SQL is a procedural programming language owned by Oracle.
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    This link:
    Simplest example of writing to MS Excel using an Oracle Stored Procedure, shows how to output a csv.

    You will not need any of the Oracle directory stuff, and you will replace all the utl_file.put_line commands with your dbms_output.put_line commands.

    Something to bare in mind: DBMS_OUTPUT has a line length limit, which you are most likely going to hit; unless your CSV is going to be quite "narrow".

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