hi all, i just registered here in the hope you could help me out with the problem i'm facing.
it's a pretty simple problem but i don't know how to fix this. this is the situation:
i have a postgresql server, fresh installed on a vmware host.
on the server i imported some databases from and old access 97 application.
this all went pretty smooth and now i'm buiding the new interface in access 2010 with a postgresql database via ODBC. ( plz don't say i should make a webinterface and trow access out of the window because that;s what my next step will be :P )
when i run my view i created in pgadmin III or navicat, i get the correct data returned from my database. when i use access 2010 i get completely screwed data, image below, maby it's the ODBC driver i got the last release from the postgres website.

here is the image: