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    Unanswered: Questionnaire Database

    I'm new to databases. I've been given a task to make a questionnaire database.
    for example:
    Question 1 : How are you?
    Answer Choice : (i) Good (ii) Very Good (iii) Not Good (iv) Don't Know

    Question 2 : What's your age?
    Answer Choice : (i) 7 "numeric field to enter age in number" (ii) Don't Know

    I really don't know how to make it I want to make make a form where I want to show question and then answer choice in radio button options... can anyone please guide me how to make it or any demo to get better understanding
    I'll be very thankful

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    First off, work out what you need to store for each question. Then work out how you want to define the options for each question. Finally work out how you want to display the options to the user.

    Start with a blank sheet of paper, sketch out your ideas and then come back to us with suggestions. The people here will be more than happy to poke holes in your initial thoughts, and point you back in the right direction.
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    I took a class in COBOL, years ago, which was required for all Computer Science majors. The first day of class, a sign on the door re-directed us to a different location. On entering the room we immediately saw that there were no computers!

    The real point of the class was not to teach us to be proficient in COBOL, but rather to teach us how to plan an app, before ever touching a keyboard! Twenty plus years later, I still use the same procedure for all except the very, very, very simplest of apps! Weejas' suggestion is well worth doing! And remember the Cardinal Rule of database development, it all starts with the data!

    Once you have an outline in hand, have a look at Duane Hookom's At Your Survey. Download the 2000 version, which runs just fine up through Access 2007, and I would expect tit to do so in 2010, as well:

    Duane Hookom's Survey Database

    It even comes with a Word document that gives a brief explanation of the app.

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    Hope this helps!

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