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    Question Help! Newbie drowning


    I'm new to this site but really need some help!

    I have been asked to create a database, about which my knowledge is self taught and basic. So I have created a table (Table1) and a form (Form1) that links to it. Happy days.

    Now I have been asked to have the following functionality - on selecting a "Project type" option from a dropdown list on Form1 the user can then see a new set of tick and text boxes, which are specific to each project type. For example, if the project type is an audit they have to state by ticking boxes that they have gained audit specific approval. So I need the audit options to magically appear.

    I then need the second set of tick and text boxes to also populate Table1. At the moment I have tabs at the bottom of the page, but the relevant tab has to be selected for the project type in order to view the selections.

    How can I do this without complicated programming stuff?? Will macros work?

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    What user interface tool are you using? Is this a website, a programming language, a 4gl tool, or an "all-in-one" like Microsoft Access, Correl Paradox, etc? Each one of these offers slightly different choices.

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