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    Unanswered: Multiple Tables into 1 Table??

    I started learning MySQL about 2 weeks ago and have made HUGE strides in automating tasks at work that should have been outdated as a corporate process eons ago.

    What I want to do now is take price files from my suppliers that are not the same format and put them into 1 table allowing me to consolidate multiple vendors into 1 file as I only care about certain fields and of these fields they will contain the same information for every supplier.

    1 supplier may have the following
    Part Number
    Buy minimums
    Buy Multiples
    Package size

    Another Supplier may have
    Part Number
    Base Qty
    resale 1
    resale 2
    resale 3

    My thoughts on making this happen are
    1) define the fields that will be common and create my table in sql accordingly
    2) run a query on each suppliers price file that will place data in the created table

    If that is so, what would I be doing to the table in my query, updating or appending the results? I ask as the information and quantity of part numbers may vary due to new products or deletions when updated price files are supplied

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    I usually find having separate staging tables for loading better. Once the data is in the stage tables you can run whatever SQL against them to upload them into your live tables.
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