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    Unanswered: Workgroup Problem

    Hi All

    Hoping someone can help with this.

    I have a split Access 2003 - data on server and front end on each client. Every user is suddenly unable to log into the system getting the message "You do not have permission to access the file C:ProgramFiles\xxx.mdb"

    Security on the db is done through a workgroup file which resides on the server. I have managed to get access to the db by renaming the workgroup file so I can work on it. However when I try to recreate the workgroup file I keep getting the message "You do not have permission etc etc".

    I'm happy to recreate users and groups as this is very simple but can't get past the workgroup problem to do this. Am I missing something.

    Would really appreciate any help as totally stuck now.


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    is the workgroup file linked to each users access installation
    there's two ways of doing this
    deploy a desktop shortcut with the workgroup file explicitly defined as a command line switch within the shortcut. the downside of this is that the workgroup definition is specific to that application, so you'd need to do this for each shortcut.


    explicitly define the workgroup to be used in each Access instance (Join the workgroup in each Access program). The downside of this approach is that when your netwrok trolls tinker with the installation (as they will) there is a risk the workgroup file will be reset tot eh installation default which is the workgroup file on that PC. its not a biog issue, but you need to be aware of it, of course your network trolls will deny they have done anything
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    Each instance of access is joined to the workgroup file which resides in the same place as the backend data i.e on each install on the client is joined to the workgroup.

    After the problem getting into the system happened I renamed the workgroup file so I could get into the system. This worked and I know can access the system without logging in. However whenever create a new workgroup file and try to log in I keep getting the message "You do not have permission etc etc"

    Thanks for any help

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