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    Unanswered: =([AvgOfAskPrice]-[AvgOfSalePrice])/[AvgOfSalePrice]

    Works in Excel - why not in a report footer in Access 2003?



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    presumably these are the names of controls

    you coudl probably do this through explicitly converting the controls values into numbers using cdbl

    Although Excel like Access is an MS office product, the VBA they use is not identical. it may be 90..95% similar but its not the same.

    however all those controls would have to be numeric (ie with no non numeric symbols such as $).

    failing that go back to the original data and run a query which calcualtes the average and or the whole shebang in one query and stuffs them into the control


    place some code in the reports on format events but I doubt there is any point going further as no doubt its beyond your comprehension.... thats not meant in a patronising way, just that to use that solution you'd have to get your hands dirty with some VBA code, something you haven't wanted to do before.
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