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    How to convert pdf to word or PPT?

    I've bought a pdf format ebook and would like to quote some sections to make a word or PPT presentation for my teaching class, buy somehow I can only copy text but not the charts and photos which are the most important things.So how can I convert the pdf ebook to word or PPT document without changing the original layouts? Can Adobe do that?Or any other software?

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    IIRC, you can do what you want if you buy the full version of Adobe - not just the reader.

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    First order of business is to check to be sure that you have the rights or permissons needed to use your e-book in that way. Depending on how you purchased the e-book and where you plan to present the class, you may be on the edge of the law. If you have any doubts, contact the author of the e-book and ask for their permission to use it for teaching... I've never heard of an author refusing permission, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

    Once you're legal, the odds are pretty good that calibre - E-book management will do what you want.

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    Step 1

    Open your PDF file with a PDF reader. If you do not have a PDF reader, Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

    Step 2

    Click “Tools” and select the “Snapshot Tool.” Click and drag the snapshot tool to select the content on the first page of your PDF. Once selected, release your mouse and the content will be copied.

    Step 3

    Open Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new Blank Presentation.

    Step 4

    Insert a blank slide into your PowerPoint by clicking “Insert” and selecting “New Slide.” Then click “Edit” and choose “Paste.” The content of the PDF page you copied will be pasted onto the new slide you inserted into your PowerPoint presentation. Resize the PDF to fit within the PowerPoint slide by clicking and dragging its corners.

    Step 5

    Save your PowerPoint presentation when finished adding content to it. You have now successfully converted a PDF to PowerPoint.

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