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    can anyone tell me a solution. I have 4 tables are connected togather note,teacher,student,class

    note table has note id, student id, teacher id , note_req,school_date.
    teacher table has, teacher_id,teacher_name
    student table has student_id,student_name
    class has class_id,note id, student id, teacher id. date_of_class

    1. I have inserted values into 3 tables which are student, teacher and note
    2. I want to know how to insert same values which are primiry keys into class tables and if note_req = 'YES' insert a date value into date_of_class
    the date_of_class must be school_day +90 days

    I hope you understand what I am writting

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    post CREATE statement for all 4 tables
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    can anyone tell me a solution.
    We don't know all your details, table layouts, foreign keys, how you generate the new keys, etc..
    Anyway, below is an example:

    insert into class
      select ( your class_id, probably a sequence), note_id, student_id, teacher_id,
               when note_req  =  'YES' then school_date + 90
               else null
             end ) as date_of_class
       from  note

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