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    Unanswered: Popup forms dissapear on dual monitors

    I have a problem with my popup forms disappearing depending on their position on the screen. I have a login form within the Access frame, and once logged in it pops up 2 other forms. I have both forms set to non-Modal, no auto center, no auto resize, no fit to screen (Though I've tried a number of combinations and they all have the same problem.) On my computer they work fine, I have dual 23" monitors and regardless of placement I can move and resize the forms, right click the header and save, and when I close out and reopen it saves the size and position of each popup form. I sent it to 2 coworkers (Also dual 23" monitors) and if they save the forms in position on the right half of the right screen, they disappear when closed and reopened. This only happens on that particular half of the right monitor, everywhere else works fine.

    There are known bugs with certain programs, like citrix, where there is an upper bound on the maximum resolution that the program can display content. We don't run Access through Citrix, but it is coincidental.

    1) Has anyone seen this issue before and know of a fix?
    2) Is anyone aware of a max resolution bound that might be affecting them?
    3) Are there any settings within Access or Office that could differ between my computer and my coworkers that would cause my machine to display the forms fine?

    All computers are essentially identical:
    HP quad-core computers
    Dual 23" HP monitors
    Windows 7 Enterprise
    MS Office Professional Plus 2010

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    You can solve this by setting the forms to autocenter in the form's properties

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