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    Help designing table with large variety of options

    I am creating a lecture room booking system for a university assignment. Lecturers will be able to choose rooms with specific capacity, in specific locations with specific facilities via a website, and booking and room information will be stored in a database.

    At the moment I am designing the database but I am a little bit unsure as to how to deal with the large variety of options for facilities.
    Here are the tables I have so far:

    Room number, Building, Capacity

    Building number, Building name, Number of rooms, Park

    Park name, number of buildings

    Module code, Module title, Department

    Room number, Module Code, Semester, Week, Weekday, Timeslot, Lecture Type

    These are all fine I THINK (but please tell me what you think). Now there are a lot of different facilities that a room can have, and I'd like a good way of structuring it. Here is a start, but the list of options goes on and surely there is a better way of doing it. The options will all be a yes/no option

    Room number, Computer, Projector,Video/DVD, Visualizer, Whiteboard / Blackboard, PA, Radio Mic, Review, Wheelchair Access, Induction Loop etc

    Any suggestions? Thanks
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    I found a solution

    I have a table called facilities with fields
    facility_id , facility_name

    Then a second table called room_facilities_link with fields
    rfl_id , room_code , facility_id

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    Here are some useful links


    These Data Models on my Database Answers Web Site might give you some insights :-

    Generic reservations - Generic Reservations Data Model

    Conference Centers -
    Conference Centers Data Model


    Barry Williams

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