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    Unanswered: Stopwatch reset on Data Change

    Hi there,

    First time poster, long time student...

    I'm creating a live dashboard within access (as its attached to a reporting suite)

    On said live dashboard, I have a tabular form, which is pulling the status that an employee is currently in. (this is pulled every 3 seconds from a table on SQL server, through an odbc connection, linked table)

    A query filters the data into seperate teams, and each team has its own form.

    What I need... is for someone to point me on the right track on how to achieve individual timers, for individual employees between their status changes.

    A status may change like following ....

    Ready to work
    Not Ready to work

    I need to be able to time the changes between those event changes.


    John Ready 01:27
    Sally Working 02:57

    Would then change when John goes from Ready, to working, to look like this

    John Working 00:00 (and increasing as John works)
    Sally Working 02:57

    Hope Ive explained this properly... I've tried using a stopwatch but with a tabular form it doesn't want to play ball!!

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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    is there a timestamp field in the SLQ table?

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    if you are reading every 3 seconds then Id' compare the current status with the previous
    status and set timers based on the current system time (NOW()) accordingly

    as to how you do that data.. well you could put a timer on the form and to do a comparison. I'm assuming thats how you are refreshing the data from SQL server. If you can I'd tack the comaprison on to the end of the process that does the query, that way round you are always using the most uptodate information

    whether you store that data in a table or just keep the form active is up to you.

    bear in mind that unless you have specifically set up the computer(s) running this app to synchronise their time clocks there is a risk that the Access computers may not have the same time as the server and or the real world
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