I am still trying to understand onbar and am having trouble figuring out how to restore from a disk failure. I can backup, change things, and then restore quite easily, but when moving volumes/save sets around I cannot get ISM to pick them up.

Simplest case I have tried would be a bad backup. I blow out the most recent backup, bring in old save sets (All without touching the volume and .nsr files) run onsmsync. All of this works fine, and ism_show -volume <volume> shows the save sets I want only. But onbar -r errors with 147.

More extreme would be total disk failure where I have to bring in the savesets and volume and .nsr. ism_show -volumes picks them up as read only, but both onsmsync and onbar -r error out, while ism_show reports the volid is wrong. I have tried relabeling, but nothing that occurred to me works.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to get these straightforward scenarios working?