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    Unanswered: oracle view execution

    Hi guys,
    I need to find out the actual columns used in the view ( and not the aliased one ) from query.
    for ex.
    Customer table has columns = Id , Name , Address
    CustomerView has all the columns from customer table with alias as follows
    Id -> CustomerId , Name -> CustomerName , Address -> CustomerAddress

    I need a query which will give me result as follows
    ViewName TableName TableColumns Alias Column Name
    CustomerView Customer Id CustomerId
    CustomerView Customer Name CustomerName
    CustomerView Customer Address CustomerAddress

    Is there any table which holds this information ?
    In SQL there is sys.sql_dependencies table which holds this information, Is there any equivalent table present in oracle by which I can achieve this objective ?

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    >Is there any table which holds this information ?
    not available on per column basis
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmagare View Post
    Is there any table which holds this information ?
    Yes, ALL_TAB_COLUMNS which is documented in the manual: ALL_TAB_COLUMNS

    An example is here: SQL Fiddle

    You also might be interested in ALL_DEPENDENCIES
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    select text from dba_views where owner = 'XXXX' and view_name = 'XXXX';
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