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    Red face Unanswered: Error while installing MS MySQL server 2000 personal edition

    solved my problem...
    more then 90 views and no reply..
    lazy forum
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    What, would you like your money back? :P

    Sometimes it's down to how you phrase your question - I've posted one recently on the Access forum that's been viewed close to 100 times with no replies, so either I've not provided the right information, or people have looked at the amount I wrote and thought, "TL; WR". However, other times I've got answers within 30 minutes.

    Also, it's Christmas, and so I would imagine this forum to be a lot quieter. Especially as you posted your question on Christmas Eve, and apparently resolved it yourself on Christmas Day!
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    well perhgaps you'd like to share your solution tot he problem so others experiencing the same issues don't have to wait around. its polite forum etiquette, it also helps people share.
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