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    A Cautionary Tale

    Caveat: I signed up for this board more than three years ago. This is my last post. Don't bother complaining about it.

    About three years ago I needed a better-paying job. I have a Master's in computer science, so IT was the natural field. DBA looked like a good choice. I signed up for a series of courses to get the MCITP certifications, took the classes, and passed the exams easily.

    Once I posted my updated resume, I figured the job offers would start rolling in. Nothing happened. Not one interview.

    This past summer the online school got back in touch with me. "How's that DBA job going? Need some refresher courses?" I told him nothing had happened. He suggested getting the A+ certificate. If I could have punched him through the phone, I would have.

    Now I'm selling stuff just to pay the mortgage and keep the lights on. My third DBA certification expired today, and there isn't enough money to buy the tickets to renew them. Not that there'd be any point.

    I've been reading on this board about how some of you got your jobs. Blind luck in some cases. To you I say count your blessings. It's going to be a cold Christmas at my house.

    The reason I call this a "cautionary" tale? Don't bother getting certified for DBA unless you already have the job. It's a waste of time and money.

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    Nothing in Shiftmore's post is news to any experienced DBA on this forum.
    Perhaps he should have listened to our advice, rather than dismissing it:
    Quote Originally Posted by blindman View Post
    I have to tell you...if you think you can read a few books and pass a few exams and then jump right into a career as a DBA, you are going to be rudely surprised.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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