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    Unanswered: How to find last one hour files in hp ux

    Hi All,

    i have to find the the list of files that are created in last one hour.
    but i am new to HPUX,as i know we can use -mmin 60 command to find the last one hour files in SUN SOLARIS .

    please help me its urgent .

    i am using this
    find . -type f -name "*.txt" -print
    this give me the file of txt type but i can i come to know whethet it is crated in last one hour or not ......plss help mee

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    Simple answer. Install the "GNU Utilities" Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

    Alternatively, create a marker file, and set its modification time using 'touch'
    then use 'ls -ltr' to find all the files newer than the marker file.

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    Along the same response by kitaman, Check out the info on this page:
    How to find the files that are created in the last hour in unix - Stack Overflow

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