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    Unanswered: How to pull/push a value from the current form to a Module using VBA

    Using the code below I am able to open an explorer window from access and select most of a file path. The part I am not able to get is "LN" which is a field in my forms. I need to be able to pull the current LN number into my Modules file path. How do I do this? Is it easier to go by ID or the actual field I am looking for?

    Function Loan_Folder_Search3()
          Dim rs              As Recordset
          Dim LN              As String
          Dim Client_Name     As String
          Dim RetVal          As String
          Dim LFPath          As String
          Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT ID, LN, Client_Name FROM [Loan_Info_local]")
          LN = rs![LN]
          Client_Name = rs![Client_Name]
          Select Case Client_Name
          Case "Bank of David, N.A."
            LFPath = "\\MAXSERVER\Max Default\BOD\"
            RetVal = Shell("explorer.exe " & LFPath & LN, vbNormalFocus)
          End Select
          Set rs = Nothing
    End FunctionCurrently, it keeps pulling the first reccord, no matter what reccord I'm on.
    Thank you,

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    why not just pass the LN
    to the function

    Function Loan_Folder_Search3(LN)

    delete the Dim LN

    some where in your form code

    aaa = Loan_Folder_Search3(formtextname)
    hope this help

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    Myle's suggestion is the one id go with...

    But for the record
    To pull a value
    myvariable = forms!thatformname!thatcontrolname
    To push a value
    forms!thatformname!thatvariable = thatvariable
    You can do this in forms or reports
    You can use controls, variables or objects on either side and you are not constrained to use on both sides. So you can set a control using a variable.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. I have implimented it in our database and the bosses seam to like it.

    Thank you,

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