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    Unanswered: Web Front End with QBE

    Forgive my ignorance in my question.

    I have reasonable experience with MS Access, little with MySQL.

    I have version 5.1

    1 large table + 1 related table.

    I am looking for free or low priced front end that will allow me to create queries, including update and append and save these as web pages / forms that others can execute.

    Also want to easily import and export CSV and excel files.

    Preferably want a QBE interface - similar to MS Access.

    Preference for now is simple interface, rather than sophisticated tools.

    Any suggestions welcome


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    try any of the SQL toolsets such as HeidiSQL or even MySQL's Workbench
    also see if you cna use PHPMyAdmin on your db server (if its your own local db then no problem, if its a remote server you may be limited as to what tools you can use.
    front end
    virtually anything can talk to MySQL including Access. but for a web front end then PHP, Ruby, Python and others are worth a look
    aside form using Access there is nothing out there that Im aware of that matches Access QBE. but then I'd argue you'd be better off ditching Access and fully embrace the SQL world
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I will have a look at those.

    I have given a bit more thought about exactly what I am looking for (in addition to managing the DB with one of your suggested systems).

    I want to be able to build web based forms that have a partially built query (specific tables / fields and records), users should be able to enter certain criteria.

    Eg Allow a user to search for a country name eg GB
    Then perform an update on all those records found to UK

    Or to search all records where userID = user1
    Then edit specific fields in each record found.

    And with some forms, allow a user to export all records found as an excel or CSV file.

    Basically - the sort of things that could be done with a MS Access form, built on a query - but web based.

    I realise I could have specific pages / forms built in PHP to do these tasks, but would like to be able to use some application which will allow me to build the pages / forms quickly when I require them.

    I think what I need is a query builder. I am currently looking at these, but perhaps someone could direct me to a suitable one.

    Thanks ColinK

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